The Go2Play Project has now changed its name to Fit for Life Project and is funded by BBC Children in Need and the Cattanach Trust.


The Fit for Life Project aims to engage and motivate children and families through active play. Through taking part in Active Play session’s children get the chance to increase their physical activity levels, interact in different social circles, develop their fundamental movement skills and increase their confidence along with many more benefits.

We deliver ACTIVE PLAY SESSIONS for families and children aged 2-5 years and to children in Primary 1-7 within communities in rural Clydesdale. During these session children are introduced to a variety of different games and are able to explore their own capabilities through a wide range of equipment.  As well as play sessions being delivered in playgrounds and gym halls (when poor weather) we also try to take children to different spaces within the local community to help build confidence in playing on different surfaces and objects.

The outcomes which we are aiming for are:

•     Children develop physical literacy /fundamental movement skills

•     Children increase levels of physical activity

•     Children progress into more active forms of play and into sports

•     Awareness of play as a means to improved physical literacy is increased

We also deliver an 8 week CHILD HEALTH AND WELLBEING COURSE for children aged 5-18 years living in Carstairs Junction, Carnwath, Rigside, Smyllum (Lanark) and Woodpark (Lesmahagow). Please click here for a REFERRAL FORM. 

If you are interested in becoming an Active Play Volunteer, please contact Christine for more information. We would be delighted for you to join the Fit for Life Team! 

For more information on the Fit for Life Project please contact Christine Baillie, Fit for Life Project Worker on 01555 880666, 07702336327 or